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Keep a private journal and see your own unique perspective.

At idazki, we believe that writing down your thoughts, experiences, and daily events can be an incredibly powerful tool for personal growth and self-reflection.

Our online diary platform provides a safe, secure, and convenient space to capture all of your thoughts and ideas, no matter how big or small.

So many things to do, so little time to do them. But life becomes a bit less overwhelming when all its tasks and responsibilities are written down in some sort of order.

Consider keeping separate to-do lists for various activities such as a work list and a home/family list, or a short-term and a long-term list. Other options are shopping, personal workout, topics to research, and so on.

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Anytime, anywhere

Write down your thoughts and daily events everywhere you are and from any device, easily and fast.

Private, safe

Securely store your thoughts with peace of mind. Our online diary platform prioritizes your privacy and protection.

Custom experience

Express yourself in style with our customizable features such as the light and dark modes and custom fonts.

A picture says a lot

Images convey emotions and experiences more effectively, enhancing the visual appeal of personal stories.

Search in your history

Efficient search options make it easier to reflect on past experiences and track personal growth.

And much more...

Mood status, reminders, tasks grouped by topics, statistics and trends, pdf book creation...

To install the App on an iOS device, open Safari and go to Tap the Share button located at the bottom of the screen. From the Share Sheet, scroll down and select Add to Home Screen. Finally, tap Add in the top right-corner. The App will be now appear on your home screen.

To install the App on an Android device, open Google Chrome and go to Tap the three dot icon in the upper right to open the menu and select Install App. After that, tap Install in the popup and finally tap Add to complete the instalation. The App will be now appear on your home screen.

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