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  • Karl Ove Knausgård: The snow

    The author talks about his love for snow and how it makes him feel joyful and calm. He describes how snow creates a new and temporary world where anything is possible. He values the present moment, his family, friends, books, music, and art. read more »

  • Anaïs Nin: Life is a jouney

    Anaïs Nin reflects on her search for happiness, fulfillment and meaning, realizing that they come from within, connection with oneself and others, and creating one's own experiences and reflections. read more »

  • George Orwell: Keeping a diary

    In this entry from his diary, George Orwell emphasizes how keeping a journal can aid in processing one's thoughts, enhancing writing skills, and gain a better understanding of oneself. read more »

  • Max Aub: Friendship

    The author reflects on the importance of friendship, how it goes beyond blood or family and is built on trust, respect, affection, and loyalty. Friendship requires effort, but it is a valuable source of inspiration and support in life. read more »

  • Anne Frank: Maturity

    Anne reflects on the difficulty of being truthful with oneself and defines maturity as accepting things, acknowledging mistakes, and loving others. Although she sometimes feels sadness, she values happy moments and the beauty of life. read more »

  • David Sedaris: My compulsive cleaning habits

    In this excerpt from his diary, David Sedaris reflects ironically on his obsession with cleanliness. read more »

  • Franz Kafka: About frustration

    In this excerpt, the author feels frustrated and trapped in his own mind. He questions his lack of success and inspiration but remembers that his purpose is to express himself and find his own voice. read more »

  • Alejandra Pizarnik: About writing

    In this excerpt, Alejandra describes writing as a vital part of her life, a way to explore the world and herself, and to communicate with others. read more »

  • Fernando Pessoa: May 20th, 1931

    In this diary entry, the author describes feeling detached, questioning if introspection causes it. But he sees this as an opportunity for growth and understanding. read more »

  • Sylvia Plath: July 17th, 1950

    In this diary entry, Sylvia Plath reflects on feeling alone and searching for emotional connection. She finds solace in writing, hoping to share her words with others. read more »

  • Dear Future Self

    It's been quite a journey since I wrote this, and I'm eager to see how you've grown and changed over the years. read more »

  • What are Daily Notes for?

    A daily note is a text written for a specific day. Once written, the text is forever attached to that day and you can consult it later. read more »

  • The Art of Journaling

    A journal tends to create the person rather than the person creates a journal. In reflection, we discover what we think and know about ourselves. read more »

  • Journaling during the Quarantine

    We are living through a historic time, and writing a diary is a very useful tool to preserve a first-hand account of it. read more »

  • Keeping a Journal Can Help Your Career

    There’s little value in going through experiences, both good and bad, if you can’t learn from them. Write down your feelings and take note of the lesson. read more »

  • How to Feel Progress

    Our brains are wired to seek completion. In fact, one of the most satisfying feelings is the feeling of making progress. read more »

  • A Daily Small Wins Journal

    By writing down and paying attention to your daily Small Wins, you can see patterns that will make you perceive closer your Big Wins. read more »

  • Why Journaling

    Writing in your journal can be a keystone habit that helps you focus your energy and attention on where it will be most effective. read more »

  • Organize your Tasks by Topic

    Life becomes a bit less overwhelming when all its tasks and responsibilities are written down in some sort of order. read more »

  • Your Done List

    A Done List is a log of what you’ve accomplished during the day and it will help you form healthy habits that boost your mood, health, and productivity. read more »

  • Writing Things Down

    Gone are the days that humans can remember everything we need to know and do. Writing things down is a powerful way to record anything we want to remember. read more »

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